Project Description

Knigge Farms – Robot Dairy Remodel

It was 20 years ago…
The idea was to focus on sustainable environmental practices and utilize technology to create #cowcomfort and a better life on the family farm…

A FIRST for any dairy in the United States – Knigge Farms installed the very first robotic milking system in July 2000; the Lely Astronaut.

Pete, Theo and Charlie crop 600 acres of alfalfa, corn, soybeans, oats and wheat; milk 130 cows, and raise 170 heifers, calves and steers.

As technology continues to change and evolve so did the Knigge Farms Robotic System. In May 2010 they replaced their original robotic milking equipment with the new Lely A3 next system. This gave them much more flexibility. Cows are milking themselves 24 hours a day!

As they celebrate their 20th Anniversary this summer with the robotic milking technology, the dairy is currently undergoing their 3rd robotic update to their dairy facilities! They will be updating the milking system to the Lely A-5 Robotic Milking System.

Fox Cities Builders is proud to partner with the Knigge Family to design and build the new robot rooms/remodel to accommodate the updated milking units. During this process, our team will work alongside the existing milking system, while cows are still milking and pour concrete to fit the new footprint for the robot along with the build of the robot rooms & remodel. The cows will have a streamlined transition into the new system.


To learn more about the Knigge Family and their Robot Dairy you can follow their page here: