First Think Safe—Then Set the Pace!

Safety is priority ONE at Fox Cities Builders! It’s our policy to provide a safe and healthful environment for all employees and at all of our jobsites. This means that a “safety first” attitude, along with accident prevention practices, are required at ALL times by ALL Fox Cities Builders’ employees and subcontractors. It also means that completing a job safely is our most important goal, even more important than budgets and timelines. We don’t just say, “Think safe—then set the pace.” We mean it!

To maintain our high standard of safety, we go above and beyond the usual to ensure a safe environment:

Safety and Health Program

Fox Cities Builders wrote our policy in conjunction with Associated Builders and Contractors. It includes over three hundred pages of safety standards covering almost everything that affects us or that we are exposed to in everyday situations. A copy of this manual is available upon request. Additionally, Fox Cities Builders has a safety incentive plan in place to help continually promote safe work practices on all our jobsites by all of our employees.

Toolbox Talks

Mondays are “Toolbox Talk” days at Fox Cities Builders. Each Monday our Safety Director holds a presentation on different safety topics and how they relate to our current projects. In addition, any situations encountered on our jobsites—such as injuries or near misses—are discussed with the goal of preventing these issues in the future. All employees must sign off indicating they understand safety topics and can implement safe practices.

Safety Checklists

We conduct daily safety checks on all equipment to ensure it’s in proper working order and on all jobsites to ensure that our employees are aware of every potential hazard at a site on any given day. Our foreman assesses the jobsite on a daily basis, looks for hazards, and discusses how to properly address these issues before works starts. Fox Cities Builders’ subcontractors work conditions are also checked for safe work conditions, equipment and tools are also inspected to ensure everything is in a safe and working condition.

Equipment Certification and Training

Our employees complete training and are certified on all equipment, such as forklifts and boom lifts, before they are allowed to operate any equipment on a jobsite or in the shop. Full working knowledge of equipment is required to assure a safe workplace for all employees.

OSHA 10-Hour Training

Employees are required to attend an OSHA 10-hour class to become safety certified. This requirement includes all personnel involved in any way at our jobsites. The OSHA 10-hour class covers a variety of potential safety issues that can come up at any jobsite. Topics include health & safety, cranes & rigging, fall protection, electrical safety, scaffolds, stairs & ladders, hand & power tools, personal protection equipment and hazardous material training. By continually training our employees, workplace safety remains a priority at every jobsite.