Project Description

Clinton Farms – Waikato 50 Stall Rotary Milking Parlor


  • Waikato 50 stall Centrus Composite Rotary
  • Offices
  • Conference center
  • Direct load room
  • Holding area
  • 6-row freestall barn with Munters Ventilation system
  • Automated manure system

The milking parlor features the first (in Wisconsin) a Waikato 50 stall Centrus Composite Rotary with stainless HD stalls, Milk Meters, NaviGate Dairy Management System and SmartD-TECT installed by Clearview Dairy Supply. ⁣ ⁣

PRECISION FACT: In working with the FCB Concrete Team, the composite rotary runs on a concrete skirt and a metal I-beam with rollers. This I-beam is within 1mm (1/25th of an inch) on the radius through the complete circumference, and within 0.5mm (1/50th of an inch) in height around the entire rotary! (Measurements by Waikato Milking Systems USA)⁣ ⁣

FAST FACT: Clinton Farms has hosted the Wisconsin Farm Progress/Farm Technology Days show (which started in 1954 & is held annually) for Waupaca County not once but TWICE! (1978 & 2003)⁣.

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